Meet The Crew

Shantel Hansen

Director & Producer

Shantel Hansen is a first-time director and producer. With a fly-on-the-wall approach, Hansen was able to provide an honest portrayal of events, intentionally departs “Her Turf” from the often sensationalized docudrama genre. She also captured unprecedented behind-the-scenes footage and interviews served as the centerpiece to this documentary.

She has a M.A. focusing on anthropology, sociology and psychology that serve as a strong foundation to her storytelling process. Hansen is fascinated with subcultures that unwittingly impact their larger community. She seeks to visually redefine subjects through storytelling that examines existing power structures and shakes up stereotypes reinforced by the media. When Hansen is not filming, she is overseeing her marketing consulting company, getting her instructional design certificate, and spending time with her kiddo.

Dean Blandino

Executive Producer

Dean Blandino was first introduced to the world of officiating nearly two and a half decades ago when he was hired as an NFL intern. That sparked an illustrious career as he quickly rose to become an Instant Replay Official (1999-03), and was selected to work two Super Bowls and two conference championships. During his time in charge of officiating (2013-16), Blandino oversaw the NFL’s noteworthy full-time hire of line judge Sarah Thomas, the league’s first female official, in 2015. He is currently an NFL and college football rules analyst for FOX Sports and the National Coordinator of Instant Replay for the NCAA.

When Blandino is not in front of the camera on FOX Sports, he teams up with Mike Pereira on “Last Call,” a weekly show that reviews officiating calls throughout the NFL season, shares funny tweets reflecting conversations with his mom, and spends time with his family. He is also a creative writer, comedian, and always game to support emerging innovative ideas and projects like Her Turf and Whistle app that connects referees and officials around the world.

TS (Tammy) Botkin


TS Botkin, having transitioned careers in 2014, has quickly amassed an enviable list of credits including producing feature narrative Lucy with the Truth (2019), co-producing Mary Janes: The Women of Weed (2017), producing The Experience Pros (2015-2016), now airing on BizTV, and Best of Winner for the Denver 48 Hour Film Project 2016, Femto 7k.

Previously, she coordinated with the Belize International Film Festival to create a community workshop and producing Who da Belize (2014) from concept to premier in under a week. As a writer, Tammy has also begun stacking up laurels via Atlanta Film Festival for her feature script Ni Ta (2019), and at Austin Film Festival with her short, Desolation (2016).

When not busy with her writing or producing she spends time supporting the arts as a founding member of Women in Film and Media Colorado and as an active member and volunteer of Denver Film Society.

Ann Cross


Ann Cross is an Entrepreneur, Activist, and Author.  Ann’s passion for this film was born from her personal experience of being one of only a few female car salespersons in the nation in the early 80’s. She knows firsthand that women jockeying for respect and advancement in a male dominated industry need not be as good as her male counterparts, she must be better than her male counterparts if she is to succeed.

Ann leveraged the lack of a female presence and quickly advanced to international Consultant holding seminars around the world for Ford Motor Company and others.  This work earned her “The 2000 Most Notable Women” award in 1990 for her work to advance sales practices to a more customer focused transaction.  She transitioned from Automotive Consultant to Higher Education Consulting in 2012 and again quickly gained notoriety for her work in advocating for improved employment outcomes for college graduates. She was approached by Jist Publishing to create a series of books, Passport to Career Success and Soft Skills Solutions Series  designed to help improve employment outcomes for students of all ages.

In 2015, Ann retired from her lifelong consulting work and became interested in the Airbnb rental market where she owns and operates a boutique hotel, Remington Flats and The Fort Apartment. She found this allowed her time to pursue other interests such as working with Shantel to bring her vision to fruition.

Gregg Stouffer


After receiving a BA in Film and Television at Notre Dame and attending the Graduate Film School at the University of Texas, Gregg Stouffer spent seven years as a writer, producer and creative director in the advertising industry. 

Gregg followed up this success by starting his own production company, Stouffer Productions, creating campaigns for individuals like John Elway (Denver Broncos) and Steve Largent (Seattle Seahawks cum OK Rep.), and companies such as McDonald’s, Burger King, and United Artists. His work garnered several prestigious awards including an Emmy and MTV award. These days, he produces and edits television shows for the Travel Channel, Food Network, HGTV, Discovery, Animal Planet and NBC Sports. He was also the creator of an original television series about a family running a guest lodge in the Alaskan outback, R5 Son (2008-9), which was bought by TLC. For the past ten years, Gregg has also managed to find time to teach screenwriting, film production and digital editing at the well-regarded Colorado Film School and has written and directed numerous short films including the award winning Tiffany at Breakfast (2004) starring Bill Cobbs and Vickilynn Reynolds. 

Cassy Grace


Cassy is a videographer/editor who does much more than looking through a lens and sitting behind a computer. She has worked for various genres of film from educational television, to corporate video marketing, to action sports. She is well-versed with cameras, equipment, aerial photography, professional editing software, and overall production.

Cassy is adventurous and curious about the world. She loves to explore through travel, food, and relationships. She’s a movie obsessor, parkour athlete, trivia master, and PS4 gamer.

KimbIrly Orr

Public Relations

Kimbirly Orr is the queen of strategic relationships and communications with 30 years logged in the marketing and public relations fields. As a leading edge social media advocate, she has been connecting clients and audiences before Facebook and Twitter were household names. She is a woman who is always making a statement, whether on behalf of her film and non-profit clients, via volunteer organizations supporting higher education and children, or as an advocate for her alma mater, the University of Colorado. Kimbirly is the Knock Out force to keep communications online. Go Buffs!

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