Her Turf Scholarship Fund

Dedicated to Gwendolyn Smith


Female officials should be empowered to contribute to ALL SPORTS world around them and excel in the area of officiating alongside their male counterpart. Although some options have been made available on the recreational, high school, collegiate and professional levels, female officials remain vastly underrepresented in all sports. By supporting women in officiating we are encouraging young girls and educating young men that females are competent and capable of officiating any sport.


To secure partnerships that will support and inspire women in pursuit of the next level of officiating.

  • Recruit
  • Empower
  • Support
  • Retain

In partnership with local, state associations and organizations, we plan to recruit and provide formalized training that will promote growth in the sport; additionally, have mentoring programs aimed at fostering retention will be implemented. Financial support will be provided to officials seeking to pursue a higher level of officiating; who have transcended in training and in-game assignments.

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Dedicated to

Gwendolyn Smith

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